As an excellent AMA-accredited gastro
, we attach great importance to the origin of our products.  We work closely with small suppliers and
farmers, whose reputations for striving for the highest quality guarantee that
we can offer you special delicacies.

Mayer am Pfarrplatz offers you classic cold and hot buffet food and a choice of seasonal specialities. From our pumpkin weeks to the asparagus menu, our
seasonal specialities have become an established component of any visit to our
Heuriger. One characteristic of
the Viennese Heuriger is the traditional Heuriger buffet where delicacies are
directly ordered and, depending on the wishes of our guests, are either served
by portion or by weight. Enjoy our homemade sausage, Mangalitsa pork lardo,
dry-cured ham made from wild boar, as well as Carinthian salami directly from
Carinthian farmers. Of course, there is also the famous roast pork with
sauerkraut and its countless variations, e.g. with caraway or cured.

Salads & Spreads: everything homemade using
handed-down recipes.
 From potato salad to typical Heuriger salsify salad –
make up your own salad from the buffet however you like it. And the spreads –
ranging from legendary to seasonal ones, from Liptauer cheese spread to tomato
and basil spread. Wonder at our extremely wide selection. And to finish off
your meal? Enjoy our homemade desserts: apple and quark strudel, or simply
choose something from our delicacies of the day menu. 

Everything a cheese connoisseur could possibly desire. From our traditional
Alpine dairies in Austria, of course! Enjoy our Salva (a fully aromatic, rock
cave-ripened hard cheese) or our pasture milk Tilsiter made from the best
pasture milk from Austrian cows. Both our traditional Alpine cheese, which is
rock-cave ripened for a year, and our Dorfkäse (village cheese), an intensively
spicy slicing cheese which is improved with prehistoric rock salt and Alpine
herbs, should not be missed!

All of our wines come from the cellars of our “Roten Haus” and
“Mayer am Pfarrplatz” wineries. The best grape varieties from the
prime locations in Vienna, the Nussberg or the Alsegg vineyard have been
pressed at Mayer since 1683. It is not just our “Wiener Gemischter Satz
DAC” which is famous, but also our Rieslings (“Weißer Marmor”)
and many other varieties which we offer. For further information, please visit
our winery websites under Mayer am Pfarrplatz and Rotes Haus.

Try our classic Heuriger buffet and our seasonal weekly menu, or simply enjoy
the Heuriger ambience with a good glass of award-winning wine. We look forward to
seeing you!